8 – Margers (Latvia)

achtKommen wir zum Gastgeberland der WM 2018. Margers läuft ebenfalls für den Ärla IF bei den großen Staffeln, spricht aber kein Wort schwedisch, da er in Riga lebt. Er war es auch, der sich gewünscht hat, dass hier mal Beiträge auf englisch erscheinen. So Margers here is one article in english, just for you. 🙂

margersWhich stupid things are you doing in the break of your training so that you don’t have to think about running?
Trying to avoid doing stupid things, but watching TV, eating junk-food, playing some games are some of the things that still counts as stupid, but usually full time job is doing pretty good job to take my mind of running.

The funniest things that happened to you in orienteering last year?
In the Tiomila first leg this year just few meters from the first CP, there was a terrified boar running full speed into the crowd (Tiomila, first leg, first CP- a lot of people!), he passed me like 2 meters, and I am not sure how did the runner just in front of me avoided the collision (I think there were some touching), but everyone survived.

The coolest price you ever got at a price giving ceremony?
Condoms + lubricant (in Latvian championships relay- organizers found some nice sponsors). Trash can (empty), ugly tie (with sponsor’s logo on it!).

Your biggest success in non-sports?
My son Karls Kietis.

Which is your favorite map?
Local favorite map Bumbukalns, Rīga, Latvia:
All time best Milau, France:


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