10 – Evely (Estonia)

zehnDa wir gerade bei Gastgeberländern sind. 2017 findet die WM in Estland statt. Evely läuft sehr erfolgreich für das estnische Nationalteam. Wir treffen uns andauernd bei internationalen Wettkämpfen und da wir beide etwas auf dem gleichen Niveau sind, ist es immer wieder spannend wer an diesem Tag wo in der Ergebnisliste steht. Neben dem OL hat Evely immer viel zu tun. Was das genau ist erfahrt ihr, wenn ihr weiter lest!

evelyWhich stupid things are you doing in the break of your training so that you don’t have to think about running?
I do several things besides orienteering. So, every day is very different for me. I’m studying – finishing my bachelor’s degree – and running my own start-up. Thus, my time schedule is full of lectures, trainings, meetings and work hours. I like being active. It’s just important to keep priorities clear and time schedule well planned. 🙂

The funniest things that happened to you in orienteering last year?
I kind of feel that I failed a bit last year and mostly remember things from what I have to learn. But if I look a bit wider, then comes to mind one fun story.
I was in a training camp in Spain in spring and I was there alone for some period. I had to drive quite a long way from one camp to another. One day before starting my journey to next training camp place, I found that couple Latvian friends are visiting southern Spain, I wrote them and the next day we hiked on Sierra Nevada mountains, which were in the middle of my journey from one camp to the next one.
It was funny to think, how great it is to be an orienteer. All orienteers love travelling and exploring the world and no matter, where you go, there is always someone you know. And often not even local people.

The coolest prize you ever got at a price giving ceremony?
In spring I got some sort of marker that helps to mark different items in home with a unique formula of DNA, UV tracer and microdots. It’s called is SelectaDNA.
I haven’t used it, but it’s one of the most original/interesting prices I have ever got for sure. The point of this marker is to mark important things to protect them. For instance, you can mark phones, televisors, laptops and other valuable things in home with secret invisible code. If anybody steals your laptop and you find it in someone else’s hands, then you can prove it’s yours by showing this secret code on the laptop. Also, it should somehow help Police to find your laptop. I’m not sure about the system, but it should be something like this.

Your biggest success in non-sports?
I just launched my own start-up – Pick&Try – which is already growing fast in Estonia and I’m really looking forward to coming years.
Pick&Try brings product sampling online. It is an innovative marketing channel, which helps consumer packaged goods producers to get in direct contact with its’ customers through a product sample.
The system is really easy – people come to our website, order samples they like and we send them these samples. It is like a bridge that connects two sides – samples to consumers and feedback to producers.
As a result, every product sample meets the most potential buyer and as a result producers get better targeting and measurable results, plus valuable market re-search.

Which is your favorite map?
Map name: Ponsa
Location: Finland
I ran there first time couple years ago and to be honest, I found myself totally lost more than once. 🙂


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