15 – Dan (Czech Republic)

15In Tschechien kann man tollen OL zwischen fantastischen Felsen machen. Für wen das neu ist, der sollte unbedingt Kontakt mit Dan aufnehmen, denn der kennt sich damit aus und bringt euch zu den schönsten Wäldern des Landes. Außerdem ist Dan ein echt netter Typ, der schon das deutsche Jugend-Nationalteam im Trainingslager betreut hat und was noch viel wichtiger ist: zweimal mit „Achtung, Achtung, der Bulldozer“ die 12h beim 24h-OL gewonnen. Ich hoffe wir sehen dich bald in einer 24h-Staffel!

_MG_1379Which stupid things are you doing in the break of your training so that you don’t have to think about running?
I do a lot of stupid things, but the most stupid thing I do is that I still think about what I have to run next.

The funniest things that happened to you in orienteering last year?
I became so exhausted during Czech long distance championship that I had to give up my race. But I was so far away from the arena that the shortest way back was still along the course. So I decided to walk and to finish the course and not to be disqualified (in case of disqualification I would have to pay penalty). It was an eternity to jog back and I was really very satisfied when I finally reached the finish line. What a surprise when I got my splits and found out that I punched wrong control…

The coolest prize you ever got at a price giving ceremony?
“Superman” underpants.

Your biggest success in non-sports?
The biggest success in non-sport activities is that I am still able to combine all these activities with sport. And for the biggest success besides running I count event organizing. Because the feeling when you figure out and organize some big event and then you see all the satisfied and excited faces around you is really worth keeping at it!

DanWolfWhich is your favorite map?
Definately Drábovna. My home terrain full of sandstones in area called Bohemian Paradise. I would like to invite runners who want to experience this terrain to the competition I organize in this terrain from 19th to 21st August 2016 (www.niceholidays.cz).


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